Friday, July 6, 2012

Heat Wave

Holy Cow I have fallen behind again!  I know I’m terrible with excuses, but I was on vacation with the family. I had every intention of blogging but just didn't get around to it. However I did run while on vacation so I think I get a gold star for that!  Right?? 

I don’t know where everyone is from that reads this, or if anyone actually reads this, but here in St. Louis it has been extremely hot. I think we are on day 8 of triple digit temperatures. Its funny that the weather man says a break in the heat is 90 degrees.  With the heat I have not been running outside. I think I’ve stated before that I’m not a morning person so I run at night, typically 7:30 p.m. Even by that time the sun is still blazing so I have been going to the YMCA and running on the treadmill. 

My coach, Sharon, continues to send out weekly emails with great tips and articles. The article about hydration and sweat rate was very timely with the heat we are having right now.

For the most part- water is sufficient for less than 60 minutes of work out time.  Once you hit the 60 minute mark, then you need to consider adding additional sources of nourishment and hydration sources (such as gatorade, powerade, cytomax, etc.).  Depending on your sweat factor and your body's workout condition, this will add or take away from the amount of fluids you need to take in during your training sessions.  You will need more if it is hot - like this week!!

Drink 16 oz of liquid 2 hours before exercise if possible
Drink another 8-12 oz right before IF not well hydrated -- light-colored urine.  
Try to drink 6-8 oz. every 15-20 minutes of exercise -- Again water only for the first 60 minutes - then start adding electrolytes 

By the time you are thirsty - you are at the beginning stages of dehydration!
Drinking ONLY water for extended exercise time periods (like long training sessions) can lead to low blood sodium and impair performance. 

How to calculate your sweat rate:

1.  Weigh yourself nude right before a run.
2.  Run at race pace for one hour, keeping track of how much you drink (in ounces) during your run.
3.  After the run, strip down, towel off any sweat, and weigh yourself nude again.
4.  Subtract your weight from your pre-run weight and convert to ounces.  Then add that number to however number of ounces you consumed during your run. 

Running Calculator
It's based on the famous Jack Daniels. 

Oh wait wrong one..

Jack Daniels the running guru who PERSONALLY trains the TNT coaches and is known for his running knowledge and ability!

It will help you predict lots of things about your running from different distances - like a 5K to a half marathon and how running in 50 degrees will compare to running in 90+ degrees, or changing from mile to kilometers, etc.

I will be traveling the next couple of weekends which will make it more challenging to get my long runs in, but I’m determined to do them!  

This Saturday is 5 miles ( yes that is a long run.. for me)
Sunday: 2miles
Monday: Rest or CrossTrain
Tuesday-Thursday are 2 mile days

I do feel like I can run longer without getting as winded, but I know I still have a long way to go. So I know I am making some progress! When I start to get tired of running I think about the whole reason I am doing this and remind myself that the people we are running for didn’t chose to have cancer and don’t get to quit when it hurts, so why should I?  

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