Monday, June 11, 2012

Proper Running Form

So I have fallen behind on my blogging. Sorry! Thanks for sticking it out with me!! 

I was on vacation for a week in Gulf Shores and was very proud of myself for sticking to my running. I ran outside one day and it was super hot. The rest of the time I stuck to the treadmill in the mini gym. 

I have pretty much missed all the team training sessions because I'm either gone or have something else going on, which is frustrating but I'm still getting my miles in which is the important thing.   I am running about 3 miles every other day and on the days in between I am running a mile or doing yoga.  I need to start incorporating more cross training and core workouts. I have been running outside at the park without headphones which is something new for me. After running outside for two weeks, tonight I ran on the treadmill and what a huge difference!

Our coach sends us weekly emails with tips and the most recent one we receieved was on proper running form. Below are a few key take aways...

Feet flat, arms back, chest forward:  feet should strike the ground as close to midfoot as possible, elbows should never cross forward past the torso, and chest should push forward slightly.
Eyes - should be focused on the ground 10-20 feet ahead - DON'T stare at your feet!!

Hands - keep at your waist, arms at a 90 degree angle; keep relaxed -- imagine carrying a raw egg and you can't break it!

Posture - straight and erect - imagine a string traveling through your body from your feet our the top of your head!

Shoulders - RELAX!!  Don't hunch over; arms swing back/forth from your shoulder joint - not your elbow joint!

Stride - by keeping it close to the ground, you can focus on a quicker turnover.  The higher, the great the shock!

Until next time...

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