Monday, May 14, 2012

Week 1 Recap

Last week was my first full week of training. My schedule was to run 2 miles a day and Friday was a rest day, with Saturday being our team long run day with a 3-4 mile run. Well, I did good during the week and ran my 2 miles Monday-Thursday and took my rest day on Friday. Then came the weekend and things went down hill.

Because we were going out of town for Mother's Day I didn't get to go to the team run on Saturday, instead I spent 4 hours in the car traveling to Indianapolis to visit my Mamoo ( aka grandma) and mom. While my family is totally worth the trip I didn't have time to fit in my long run. We did do landscaping in the yard for a couple hours on Saturday which made Mom and Mamoo happy. Sunday morning church and then Mother's Day lunch with the family didn't allow time for a run before getting back in the car for 4 more hours of driving back to St. Louis. The up side is I got to spend time with my family and finally got to meet the cutest little man in the world.. Eli, my cousins little boy. 

Today is a new day, so now on to week 2. The schedule says that today is either a rest day or cross training. Since I rested all weekend I am going to get some mileage in on the elliptical tonight. I am also trying to think of fundraising ideas that are different so if you have any ideas I would love to hear them!

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